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Re: Whats the future for uk.local groups?

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__/ [Mike] on Wednesday 19 October 2005 21:06 \__

> Whats the future for uk.local groups?

Existence as placeholders?

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> The following is borrowed from another group. However, I feel that it
> raises a very important issue and deserves wider publication. Your
> contribution would be appreciated.

Any chance of posting some follow-ups or a reference to the group where it
was originally posted?

> Mike Minto GM
> =============
> I have been a regular browser of the uk.local.* groups on the usenet
> for a  long time. Of late its becoming obvious that most of these
> groups are just  losing their shine. There are hardly any threads of
> interest. It just seems as though internet users have shut the door on
> these groups.
>  So my question. What lies in the future for these groups? Any chance
> of a resurrection ? Or are they all doomed for death ?
> ==============

Death? No. Quiet existence? I suspect so.

> This is my contribution:
> You fellows appear to have mis-understood the function of
>  < uk.local.*> news groups, all of them, have been from the very
> beginning and will be to the very end safe play areas for all sorts of
> raging nutters, social malcontents, control freaks and malevolent
> beings.

Fully agreed. I unsubscribed from this newsgroup about a year ago for this
very particular reason. I only rejoined weeks ago.

> Sane posters were tollerated as a courtesay nothing more.
> You may feel that they should go elsewhere but where? The asylums
> are all closed. Every so often they stop taking their medication and
> go off their fucking heads. What would you have of them? Standing in
> their back yards at midnight howling to the full moon and frightening
> the shit out of the neighbours into the bargain? Have them running
> around shafting masons, suspected vampires, werewolves, communists,
> socialists, conservatives and women with vaginal warts by the dozen?
> OR harmlessly making utter cunts of themselves in a uk.local group?
> Lets face it what is one other cunt amongst the many?? I know what I
> prefer!! The uk.local hierarchy of newsgroups is a valuable safety
> valve which helps to keep society a wee bit more safe. These groups
> must be kept alive.

I think the lack of scope or the too-wide-a-scape is an issue. I, for once,
would like to know what I am allowed to post to this group. Request for
direction/instructions? Strategic city plans? I think I would really enjoy
it if there was a lively discussion on issues like the joining of the
universities, or the scraping of the tram plans, or the changing waves among
shopping precincts in Greater Manchester.

To me, you see, UseNet has no clear notion of the city of Manchester or what
is happening therein.

> You may disagree. I would be interested to hear your opinion and no
> doubt would the rest of the group. Thanks in advance.
> Mike Minto GM
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Good item altogether. Thanks for sharing it.
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