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Re: Please advise why this page is displayed as link only

__/ [Brent Atkerson] on Friday 21 October 2005 14:38 \__

> http://www.woodlotinnovations.com/portable-game-feeder.htm
> Google does not show any information for this page except the link to the
> page.  It has been indexed for quite some time.  I realize there is much
> optimization to be done yet (actually want to redo the site as the code is
> quite bloated) but other pages of the site show information at Google. 
> Same page seems to have description and such in MSN but is not even indexed
> in Yahoo!.
> Thank you,

* Site registered April 2005

* 2 inbound links listed by Google

* Header contains description metadata

* Page layout is fairly clean (although table-based)

I  can't  see why this should happen, to be honest with you. Above I  just
listed  some  facts, which I thought I could point out as the culprits.  A
site  of mine showed up in Google after only a few days since registration
and the description was picked up almost immediately, even when changed. I
suspect you might need a few more inbound links, but as you said, the site
was  thoroughly  crawled already. I hope the details above  help  somebody
else in helping you.

Best wishes,


PS - Love the wooden look!!

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