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Re: old sites playing dirty tricks

__/ [wd] on Sunday 23 October 2005 05:55 \__

> I'm seeing old sites that have been around for many years that are on
> the same exact IP address and they are obviously just different domain
> names with nearly the same content except optimized for location.

I  usually  think of Palm and other large companies when that  observation
gets discussed. True, they are optimised for location, but there is plenty
of repetition too.

I  pointed out Palm because often I end up landing in a page that does not
serve me with what I have sought. Instead, there can be a single site with
pages  that  are delivered depending on the country where the visitor  re-

These site regionalised 'mirrors' are very much like porting/forking of an
application  rather than extension of the trunk. Imagine yourself  Firefox
being  sub-divided  to "Cool Surfer Edition", "Asian  edition",  "Censored
Edition" and so forth... need we speak of Windows Vista which will come in
7  editions?!?!?! Windows inheriting that Linux terribly messy 'model'  of

> Even
> whole industries taken over by monopolistic spam.  Are people really
> looking for 25 web sites offering the same product on a choice of 2
> affiliate systems? The small businesses get drowned out. Why doesn't
> Google penalize them?


* http://www.google.co.uk/

* http://www.google.ch/

* http://www.google.cn/

* ...

I  should point out that the amount of content, however, is very small and
that  nobody  needs to be informed of search technology by using a  search

> I'm not even sure if Google can automatically detect
> hidden text very well because I see it everywhere. It is a bit frustrating
> when you are trying to do things legitimately...

Nobody  can  detect  mirrors.  I  once spoke  to  a  professor  about  our
'almighty'  plagiarism  detection system and he admitted it was more of  a
scare  factor. You can /suspect/ a mirror, but rarely have any  certainty.
If  you  can't tell which the original source is, as in the case with  the
WWW, you cannot penalise (safely) either.


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