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Re: From top of serps to not in serps

__/ [MN Citizen] on Sunday 23 October 2005 04:59 \__

> Well,
> I did something wrong last update.  I was on the first page results for all
> my keywords last month on yahoo, msn, and google.  This month, I'm only on
> MSN.

See last paragraph.

> Google booted me.  I just added 2000 backlinks that I paid for.
> Until now, I've built links over time, but I tried buying 2000 incoming
> links.  I have 5 keyword variations.

...the reason I dislike the PageRank. Money warrants good positions.

> I've scaled back the new incoming links to about 100 new ones.  Hopefully
> google forgives me.

Have  a look at some of the recent discussions. Some suggest that  C-block
(the 3rd 'chunk' of your Web host's IP address) inter-linkage may have led
to panalties.

Meanwhile,  I am noticing that the results pages are somewhat unstable and
I  sometimes  get  delivered the SERP's that I was  used  to.  Datacentres
seemed  unaligned too and there are many people in this group that  appear
to  be  affected. I don't believe all of us were penalised. It is too  un-

Those  who are not accustomed to a large volume of referrals may have  not
noticed it yet.


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