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Re: Hitting in my sleep

__/ [Glenn Rowe] on Thursday 27 October 2005 02:33 \__

I'm no professional when it comes to this issue. Regardless:

> Since I was a teen I have accually hit things in my sleep.
> Last night I connected with my wife right in the chops, figured it was time
> to check some things out.

It's not unusual to move while you sleep. It's an animal instinct, although
it varies across individuals, I suppose. Think of insomnia, for instance.
This probably is the most extreme case.

Certain dogs tend to move their legs while they sleep, thinking that they
run. I've seen this in my own eyes. I believe that the exception, however,
is the intensity of the movements.

> I'll have a dream, once there was a person that kept doing things to me
> till I turned around and got then in a head lock and I was beating on them
> in this dream---- I woke up and there I was with my pillow in a head lock
> hitting it.

I think that the nature of your dreams should be among the concerns. It
sounds as if many of your dreams have a violent element and it's heated
enough to encourage you to move. The 'falling dreams' are common cases when
the body responds with some sharp reflex, probably dating back to our
ancestors the monkeys, being were susceptible to tree falls.

> I had another where someone had me in a head lock from behind and I was
> trusting my elbow back behind me to get them off-- - I woke up to my wife
> flipping out saying what the hell was that for.  I've woke up with bloody
> knuckles when I was younger from hitting a keyholder next to my bed. Last
> night this one was kinda goofy, someone was coming at me with a big hunk of
> frozen meat(yeah go ahead laugh) welp I gave em a left hook and the yelp
> came from the wife. WOW do I feel bad.
> Anyone ever heard of such a thing???
> Feeling bad - think I'll sleep on the couch tonight

I suppose that changing the nature of your dreams would be one measure that
could lead to improvement. It is rather hard, however, to control your
unconscious thoughts. For anything beyond this, this might need an expert in
the field or medication. Sleeping pills, for instance, have some element of
paralysis, I think.


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