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Re: Re: In which startup file should I place a xhost command?

__/ [Ronald Fischer] on Thursday 27 October 2005 09:06 \__

>> > I would like to execute a xhost command every time KDE starts up.
>> > I wonder where I would place such a command.
>> Depending on your Linux distribution, you should be able to include that
>> line in:
>> /etc/profile.local
> This is not possible. You need root access to do this.
> Also this would mean that the xhost command would be performed
> for *all* users, no just for me.
>> Also, there are file/s which are invoked once at the beginning of the KDE
>> session and there are front-end tools (depending on distribution), which
>> allow you to add them without changing text files and digging for clues as
>> to what gets called when.
> Though I would prefer changing text files, I have no objections against
> using the tools - but which ones should I use? I have searched the
> KDE online help without success. They only mention the usage of .xsession,
> which I have discussed in my original posting....
> Ronald

Someone has just reminded me of the 'cleaner' way of achieving what you were

__/ [Jonathan Rawle] on Thursday 27 October 2005 19:55 \__

> You could put a script in ~/.kde/Autostart
> That will be run every time you start KDE (and not at any other login), and
> only for you not other users.

The advantage is that it resides in your home directory too, thus it can
easily be 'migrated'. I still believe that a front-end is available for
doing this... in SuSE (/YasT) at the least...

Best Wishes,


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