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Re: beefing up the panel

__/ [StvyLife] on Friday 28 October 2005 05:32 \__

> I know where to find themes; how about one specific to how the panel
> operates.
> how crazy or funky can the panel get.

Quite funky, based my personal experience. I have been pushing it to the
limit and found that:

* Zooming on icons can be enabled (not animated though)

* Virtually any number of panels can be added (I have 7)

* Panels can disappear after a set (adjustable) idle timeout. This can be
made animated. In my case, different panels disappear after different
periods of time.

* Have a close look at KasBar, as well as some other nice widgets for your

* Panels can be made transparent in recent versions of KDE.

* Size of panels can be re-adjusted or become dynamic (expand upon need)

Nonetheless, the effects in Apple's Tiger are not on par with these which KDE
offers. Mac OS X provides less flexibility, but more admirable eye candy.

> I like to know about that.
> i thinking somewhere in the ball park of the macs OS mouse-over effects
> which pops  tasks and icons in the panel. I think that would be something
> to adopt. any references out there ....

It seems to be headed in that direction. Also have a look at KDE Plasma:


Animation here:


Also, over at the GNOME(-ish/RedHat) camp, have a look at Luminocity:

http://scr3.golem.de/screenshots/0504/x11/sc01k.jpg   (animations)


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