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Re: google position

__/ [rzulty] on Friday 28 October 2005 08:45 \__

> Dzieki :)
> One more question. I've heard rumors that I don't believe but I would
> like to be sure about them.
> Does refreshing the page or visiting it frequently help? I know that it
> is impossible for google to monitor how frequently the site is being
> visited but there is this thing called PageRank when you install google
> toolbar... Does it do anything?
> Thanks
> Pit

Google do not monitor traffic, but some other vendors/tools do. Netcraft, for
example, do this as do Alexa/Amazon. I do not believe that search engines
other than A9 will in any way 'feed' on such ranks. If I were you, my
concerns would vanish. The concern that may occupy your mind instead is: how
will a visitor with insight into traffic ranks react? I know I am more
reluctant to cite Web sites with low traffic because they are likely to
disappear (links breaking) and are less credible, statistically speaking.

Speaking of traffic ranks, these are very easy to fake (spam/bots/zombies)
and too few people allow spyware to carry on. So, I suggest you drop this
subject altogether and concentrate on content-based SEO. *smile*


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