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Re: PageRank and Link Exchanges

__/ [Eric Johnston] on Friday 28 October 2005 19:46 \__

> johnny15 wrote:
>> Embarassed by the slightly trigger happy finger....well it is the
>> weekend!!!
>> Is it worth getting links from directories directly related to your
>> industry even if they want reciprocal links, as it is often bounded
>> around that they do not help much.
>> Johnny15
> I would suggest you never link to any site whose operator "requests or
> requires" reciprocal links.  The "request or requirement" suggests they are
> involved in a link scheme, designed to mislead search engines as to the
> merit of their sites.  If you do participate, your PR may well increase but
> your LSR (Link Spam Rating) will also increase.  Count the number of spam
> outgoing links on the site.  Count the number of outgoing links that
> genuinely help visitors.

Exactly.  There are broad link exchange programs, which have gained  their
well-deserved  notoriety and finally got red-flagged by Google. Those that
have  not been caught yet, will probably be caught as they grow. Any  site
that is associated with such schemes can be penalised as a matter of prin-

Some  time ago, a lady who goes by the name of Paula Burch (I think)  came
here  saying  that she pretty much got Google-banned. After a few days  of
discussion, it turned out that the culprit must have been referrer.org (or
something similar).

Also,  while  on the issue of automatically-administered  link  exchanges,
that  often gives you a bad 'neighbourhood'. Many gambling and sexual con-
tent  sites are inclined to take the risk of banishment. These sites  rely
on  opportunism,  not reputation. By getting involved in  link  exchanges,
your paths on the 'Internet graph' have proximity to filth.

> To do well, concentrate on creating quality content that pleases your
> visitors and answers the queries they input.  Consider what your
> anticipated visitors are wanting and if your page does not provide
> satisfaction then either improve the page or add a link to a page somewhere
> else on the
> internet that provides the missing information.  Your page is rated on its
> ability to satisfy the searcher, either immediately or as a lead towards
> the end solution.
> Best regards, Eric.

I agree. It's pretty much what I said earlier. Ensure that visitors do not
return from your site to the results page. Give Search engines the impres-
sion  that  the  visitor was satisfied. Consequently, SE's will  like  you


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