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Re: My experience with SUSE 9.3 => SUSE 10

  • Subject: Re: My experience with SUSE 9.3 => SUSE 10
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 04:14:19 +0100
  • Newsgroups: alt.os.linux.suse
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / MCC / Manchester University
  • References: <KqA8f.55530$IH1.28055@fe05.news.easynews.com>
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__/ [MarkH] on Saturday 29 October 2005 02:40 \__

> I have seen some posts about SUSE 10 being faster and some saying that
> 9.3 was faster. So I installed SUSE 10 on my test PC and found that it
> was faster than my higher spec PCs that were running SUSE 9.3.

9.3 is fast enough for me, but I am glad to hear that 10 is even faster. KDE
can be a resource hog.

> Now I have replaced SUSE 9.3 on 2 other PCs with SUSE 10 and it runs
> faster on both. (Next I will replace my SUSE 9.3 64-bit with SUSE 10 64-
> bit on this PC)
> I have found that once SUSE 10 is installed I need to add the packman
> site as a rpm source for YaST and then add MPlayer, YaST then adds some
> other packages like the W32codec-all and then my vids play fine.

YaST has been fairly reliable, but it also disappointed me at times. I hope
it continues to improve, much as your experience suggests.

> Before the upgrade I found that on my server when I switched my USB KVM
> to the server it was slow and jerky in response to the mouse for a
> minute or 2, With SUSE 10 it is MUCH better.  Once I switch the KVM to
> the server it is immediately fast and responsive.
> With SUSE and Linux in general I am still a newbie, but the more I use
> Linux the more I like it and now prefer it to Windows in many ways.  I
> am still waiting for a XNews clone for Linux though.

Pan and KNode are very powerful too.

I had to look up a few XNews screenshots because I hear about it often, but
never used it before.



It doesn't appear like it offers anything compelling enough to sway me away
from KNode.

> I run these 6 PCs:
> No.1
> Writer
> Server
> Test1
> Test2
> The first 4 used to run Windows only, now the first one runs Windows
> XP/Windows XP 64-bit/SUSE 64-bit.  The other 5 are all running Linux
> only!

I recently got rid of a Windows 98 laptop that I have owned since last
millennium. I am doing fine with 3 Linux boxes and an iMac (at work). Your
dependency on Windows-only hardware is probably the main barrier, which will
'fade' in due time.

> Currently I use Windows for:
> Outlook which syncs to my Pocket PC
> Connecting my friends' external USB HDDs that use NTFS
> Running XNews
> Playing games that run from Windows only
> My Pocket PC is now about 2 years old, in another year or two I will see
> if I can replace it with something better (hopefully something running
> Linux), then I can sync it to a PC running Linux. Hopefully by then
> there will be a good XNews clone available and reliable support for NTFS
> if I'm lucky.

Regarding your PDA,

* http://www.linuxdevices.com/articles/AT8728350077.html

* http://www.archos.com/products/overview/pma_400.html

* http://www.powerplaydevices.com/products/ppvs_info.html
                     (dirt-cheap, North America only though)

Published in Slashdot yesterday:


Debian-based Nokia 770:

* http://europe.nokia.com/nokia/0,1522,,00.html?orig=/770

> So that would just leave the games, if Linux can pick up enough market
> share over the next couple of years then the games companies will look
> at supporting the Linux platform with the games being released and I
> will have an easier time convincing my friends to change to Linux.

I found games rather addictive. I spent entire nights 'shooting-em-up'. when
I finally realised that Linux would be a blessing. That cycle of installing,
uninstalling, experiencing 'withdrawal symptoms', then re-installing was
very unhealthy.

> It seems to me that SUSE 10 is a good step in the right direction with a
> reasonably well polished interface, good performance and very reliable.
> I managed to setup my server very quickly (unlike when I didn't have a
> clue what to do) and within a couple of hours had all the main features
> I needed working (DHCP, SAMBA, Internet gateway with firewall).  I still
> have much to learn, but it is much easier now that I can get the basics
> up and running and can now work on minor issues one by one.

The experience rewards the user as installation of future Linux boxes
(potentially for someone else) becomes trivial.

> Even my WinXP setup has changed a lot over the last couple of years.
> Now I use Opera or Mozilla for my web browser, Openoffice for my office
> suite and Xplorer2 Lite for file management.  I am actually using very
> little MS software now and I like it that way.  The company doing the
> most to encourage computer users to look at using Linux must be
> Microsoft!

Well, if your are sarcastic, then yes. I think, however, that any migration
to Linux should begin with the user's willingness to use OO, Firefox and the
like. One step at a time makes the FUD go away.


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