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Re: Info on Presario 1260 Please.

I owned a Presario 1246 until a month ago. I have been using it since 1999 so
I can poissbly help...

__/ [JM] on Sunday 30 October 2005 01:24 \__

> I am just reviving an older Presario1260.
> I cant seem to charge the battery.
> I have had a look at the small charger board
> Which seems to be Compaq #  352891-001
> The power supply is providing volts into the computer.
> Circa 19 volts but on the output pins of the charger
> there are only circa 4.7. volts.
> Does anyone know of any problem in this area.
> Does anyone have a charger board lying around ?.
> The battery is Series 29418
> 14.8 V at 3.0Ahr
> Compaq # 3477736-001
> It has scale 25/50/75/100 with a marker to press.
> If I press it the 25 indicator flashes.
> Is this a state of charge indicator.
> Any comments appreciated.
> JM.

These batteries are terrible. Mine became utterly useless some time in 2000.
I only used it up to its entirety about a dozen times. Ever since that time
it could maybe endure 1-5 minutes. In recent years I was lucky if it could
retain power for 5 seconds of sudden power loss. In the past year or so, it
was left out of the body altogther as it only increased the amount of weight
that needed to be carried.

Hope it helps,


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