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Re: Help: Dual Display on Radeon in Suse 10

__/ [houghi] on Sunday 30 October 2005 12:09 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> Next do `sax2 -b /usr/share/sax/profile/Radeon_DualHead`
>>> Look in /usr/share/sax/profile/ for others if that does not work. It is
>>> how I get my Matrox G550 configured (well, I use the Matrox_G550 instead
>>> of the Radeon_DualHead)
>>> Strangely enough Sax2 has gone backward instead of forward with this.
>> YaST never worked for me.
> As I made clear and apparently not clear enough. YaST also did not work
> for me. That is why I used sax2 directly with the -b option and the file
> with the configuration.

Yes,  I read that. *polite smile* Sax2/YaST disappointed me on several oc-
casions.  They  don't deal with complex cases quite so gracefully. I  once
contacted  them  about  it, but no reply. At home (SuSE 9.3), when  I  try
testing  some tough settings with YaST, the whole of tty7 freezes and I am
forced to reboot.

There  is still a long road ahead when it comes to screen resolution  com-
patibility.  Most  people  I know struggle to get their  maximal  possible
screen  resolution, even in Ubuntu. It's almost a rarity for that to  work
without some effort.

There  is  often no way around this other than to edit the X config  file.
This  is embarrassing when you try to tell someone that Ubuntu works  per-
fectly  'out of the box' and at the very beginning, monitor  compatibility
is  screwed and the user needs to open a shell to edit some daunting hier-
archical text files. This sure deterred some people whom I tried to intro-
duce to Linux.

Best Wishes,


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