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Re: SHIFT button as Circle

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [Thomas Wootten] on Sunday 30 October 2005 15:04 \__
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> <snip>
>>> The  only thing that bothers me, believe it or not, is that the keyboard
>>> I
>>> received  in the package, although it looks wonderful, has a circle 
>>> where
>>> the  right  SHIFT typically lies. It is hard getting accustomed to 
>>> always
>>> use  the left SHIFT. What is that circle anyway? And why is it that I 
>>> al-
>>> ways  spend  a few seconds trying to figure out what's wrong until  I 
>>> see
>>> that  the  colon is in fact a semi-colon? Why is it that amaroK  uses 
>>> the
>>> Windows  logo button for global keyboard accelerators? The keyboard
>>> strug- gles must end.
>> So are you saying that right shift doesn't work? Odd.
>> Is there a pic of the keyboard on the web?
> Just tried that, but could neither find a picture nor a reference in a Web
> page...
> At  first I thought of some similarities to the Mac layout (I use an  iMac
> at work sometimes), but that button appears to be utterly useless although
> it is the same size as the typical right-hand-side SHIFT.
> The  embarrassing  thing  is that it took me several days to  look  at  it
> closely  and realise that it was not labeled SHIFT. Rather than having  an
> arrow pointing up, it was just a small hollow circle (outline of a circle,
> that is).
>> amaroK using the windows key for it's shortcuts is only the default
>> behaviour. Personally I like it since the windows key isn't used for very
>> much ELSE on my system (it doesn't even open the kde menu :( )
>> <snip>
> Isn't that button intended to disappear though[1]? Use of that button only
> encourages  the vendors to 'stamp' the keyboard, somehow locking it to  an
> O/S  manufacturer.  I am not even fond of terms  like  "Windows-compatible
> keyboard",  or "designed for Microsoft Windows" or "Winmodem".... or  DRM.
> Hardware  should  never be exchangeable or analogous with software.  Never
> ever! How would you like changing your car and find the throttle and posi-
> tion of brakes interchanged.
> Roy
> [1] XMMS uses CTRL+SHIFT+Char

I guess i could prise the winkeys off and relabel them ;)

your comment about cars reminds me of when the f keys were being messed
around with. i mean spellcheck suddenly became where F10 used to be; it's
ALWAYS been F7! (probably MS made it F7, but regardless, it's what has come
to be expected, why change it?)
Tom Wootten, Fresher NatSci, Trinity Hall.
There was only ever one valid use for the notorious <blink> tag:
Schrodinger's cat is <blink>not</blink> dead.

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