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Re: Windows Loophole Spawns Zombies Which Attack the Web

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [DFS] on Monday 31 October 2005 02:52 \__
>> Tim Smith wrote:
>>> In article <slrndm9h08.3q1.sinister@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>>>  Sinister Midget <sinister@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> I'm in favor or laws requiring ISPs to disconnect machines that are
>>>> demonstrated, beyond a doubt, to be spambots or zombies. Nothing
>>>> will work to make people change their habits (and perhaps
>>>> software) faster than cutting their connections to the world.
>> I agree, as long as the ISP's also disconnect any *nix sendmail
>> servers that forward viruses and spam.
> Where does that spam originate from? Don't answer, it's rhetorical.

Spam comes from all over, is generated by illegitimate and legitimate
businesses, using Windows and *nix systems, and is definitely not restricted
to Windows zombies.

But always remember, you're a Linux advocate, and you shouldn't let reality
get in the way of your sick perception that Windows is the cause of all that
is bad in the world.

>>> Did you make a mistake?  There are no childish misspellings in that
>>> paragraph.
>> He's tired.
> To descend so low and spot typos rather than argue or provide a
> critique -- that comes to show that you silently agree.

When you don't know the game, Roy (and you don't), it's best to keep your
mouth shut.  The point Tim (not I) was making is the OP - a fool named
Sinister Midget - post didn't contain his usual assortment of silly
Microsoft names, like MICROS~1, Winders, etc.

> Roy

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