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Re: Need to install a GUI

__/ [mike_knichel@xxxxxxxxx] on Monday 31 October 2005 00:26 \__

> I just installed Mandrake 10.1 and seem to be missing Disk # 4 for KDE.
>  I canceled that part of the installation and now can only boot into
> command line mode.  How do I install gnome or kde now without a gui?  I
> am new to linux.
> Thanks in advance
> Mike

Some would talk you into getting missing packages from the on-line resources
(e.g. FTP) using apt-get and the like. To be honest with you, this is far
from trivial, especially since you speak of large components such as a
desktop environment here. Compilation of these is prone to inconsistencies.
If you are a Linux newbie, then I suggest you waste no more time on this and
just re-install; this time around, leave Mandrake aside.

The solace: Mandrake 10.1 is somewhat old and not quite so reliable. I used
Mandrake 9.2 about a month ago before wiping it off and installing Ubuntu
instead. Ubuntu is a very reliable and user-friendly distribution, which I
recommend to anyone who is new to Linux. You can also receive its
installation CD, as well as a Live CD (you receive a more comprehensive pack
than expected) for free (includes shipping).

SuSE is recommended if you expect heavy use of that machine, which goes
beyond documents, Web surfing, E-mail and some graphics. Although you can
easily extend Ubuntu (package management using Synaptic is trivial), SuSE
saves you the pain of installation altogther. OpenSuSE 10 is free, by the

Hope it helps,


PS - Wiping the hard-drive or changing installation base of Linux is common,
especially if the installation winds up unsuccessful or the 'flavour' of
Linux does not suit your hardware. If you have data on your hard-drive, just
make sure you retain the home directory/ies rather than re-fromatting.

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