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Re: COLA Trolling - a Career Choice

__/ [William Poaster] on Monday 31 October 2005 10:05 \__

> < DFS book on M$ software>
>> I feel compelled to add that your book motivates, at least in your own
>> mind and interests, the persistence and presence of Microsoft Windows and
>> Microsoft Office. How can I ever take your opinion on Linux seriously if
>> you have financial incentive in keeping Windows alive?
> You can't. When people said he was being paid by M$ to troll this group,
> in one sense they were right......that *if* you believe his story that he
> did any coding for M$.

I used to think that Microsoft advocates among this group were people who
attempted to migrate (read: upgrade) to Linux, but were unsuccessful. Having
miserably failed and stayed shackled to Windows, I thought it was their
crusade to taunt this group and give themself satisfacation and
self-reassurance, simply claiming that Linux does not work.

It is ever more worrying when people come to this group and post more than
anybody else just to serve their own personal agenda, possibly making ends
meet. Several times in the past I asked DFS (as well as less argumentative
trolls) what the hell they thought when they had subscribed to a Linux
newsgroup in the first place. I know the answer, but I never got to hear it
from the Wintrolls. They are tough nuts, these ones...


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