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Re: Secret of DFS' Career

  • Subject: Re: Secret of DFS' Career
  • From: "Grug" <grug2005@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 31 Oct 2005 08:34:17 -0800
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [DFS] on Monday 31 October 2005 08:48 \__
> > John Bailo wrote:
> >>
> >> Now you can be a wealthy consultant just like DFS:
> >> http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos...
> >>
> >> Writing Excel Macros (Paperback)
> >> by Ph.D., Steven Roman
> >>   (23 customer reviews)
> >>
> >>   Availability: Available from these sellers.
> >>
> >>   17 used & new available from $5.00
> >
> > Clients love my Excel macros ...
> ...Not according to 23 of your reviewers, who voluntarily donated their
> opinions.
> [no offence intended here]
> - and that's the only 'secret' that really
> > matters.
> >
> >
> > (besides not driving a POS Lumina)
> I feel compelled to add that your book motivates, at least in your own mind
> and interests, the persistence and presence of Microsoft Windows and
> Microsoft Office. How can I ever take your opinion on Linux seriously if you
> have financial incentive in keeping Windows alive?


As you would take anybody's opinion on Linux here seriously that says
anything at all negative about Linux?  LOL

Windows users have a definite interest in seeing Linux become
competitive on the desktop.  Do you think we like activation and paying
upwards of a 100 bux on Windows?  Are you stupid?

However, Linux is seriously being hampered because Linux Lunatics like
you are claiming that Linux is already there and better than Windows.

Until you face up to the fact that Linux has a *long* ways to go before
it is even *near* Windows, Linux is *never* going to be successful on
the desktop.

You need to understand (*really* understand) why Windows is successful
(and if you think because MS is an evil monopoly, you lose), and figure
out Linux' weaknesses and work on those.

Until you can admit your faults you will never improve.  Until the
Linux community can say, "Hey, we are far behind Windows, here is the
top 100 list we need to work on right *now* to start becoming
competitive" (really competitive in the minds of *normal* people, not
NERDS), Linux is not going to get better.

People the likes of Bailo are just going to continue to trash Windows,
Windows users, whatever, and Linux is just going to be the same old
hard to install, unsupported by most 3rd parties, few applications
available, lack of polish, consistency, ui standards, etc. that it is
right now.

For right now, Windows XP is clearly better in *almost* every category.
 Linux can't even be given away - people simply do NOT want it right

I would like to have something that doesn't cost me money and I don't
need to register or activate.  However, Linux doesn't even come *close*
to offering what I and most other consumers want.

But I have hopes that it will get better...

> Roy

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