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(OT) Re: How to Improve this Newsgroup

__/ [William Tasso] on Friday 02 September 2005 12:32 \__

> Writing in news:alt.www.webmaster
>  ...
> Whilst simultaneously noting that posts of this nature are usually clearly
> marked as OT: perhaps.  SCNR

You caught me. It was not intentional.

>> I like alt.www.webmaster. There are some very knowledgeable and funny
>> people
>> that partake in discussions. Nonethess, there are also a few deterrents.
> All life is here.

Life can be anywhere. It is where you choose to live that affects your
entire future life.

>> The newsgroups often appears to be chatroom for boys and girls -- or
>> shall I
>> say -- boys /and/ girls.
> There's no need to discriminate agiant those that don't fall into either
> category.
>> It quickly slides into non-technical issues and
>> dialogues that are hard to follow.
> It does - sometimes.

The traffic of this group as a whole is largely dominated by that though.
This is not a bad thing, but to some it /may/ be harder to take.

>> To survive in this groups without
>> killing time, one must hit ignore on very many threads.
> Does your news reader have an 'ignore thread' option?  or some other
> filtering mechanism that would provide the functionality.  When I used O/E
> as a news-reader I found that to be an extremely useful (and trivial to
> implement) function.

I use ignore, but sometimes I get involved in a thread while still in its
very early stages. I am then unlikely to ever mark it 'ignored'.

>> Moreover, I sensed
>> that people in this group give short answers, which could otherwise be
>> more
>> helpful.
> Aha - now you know how to alter that don't you?  there is only one way.
> Lead by example.

There is a chicken-and-egg situation here. Like I said, when passing by
alt.www.webmaster I have a slightly negative connotation so I am less
likely to read and hence contribute.

>> Lastly and perhaps not worth mentioning is the recent vandalism by  the
>> Google Groups demonstrator. It definitely did not help. Had that person
>> been ignored rather than provoked, perhaps, just perhaps, he would have
>> vanished more quickly.
> The gb-goog-fan-boy:  has she gone?

Haven't seen her anywhere else. There are other Google demonstrators in at
least 3 other newsgroups.

>> At present, it is hard for me to take the group
>> seriously
> The 'group' is made up of individuals.  Yes indeed, groups do have a
> personality and general consensus will usually moderate the behaviour of
> individuals in the long run.  However, when in Rome, remember not to spit
> on the carpet.
>> and I sometimes don't even skimp the subject lines. If I get
>> 'entangled' in a thread, it may easily carry on for a week.
> Yes it may.  Don't you hate it in those groups where the replies are terse
> 'look at this faq item'?

These messages usually end the thread, which is fine. The OP can then read a
page rather than a thread which develops before the eye.

> Usenet is a discussion forum - it is good (IMO) that subjects drift.  It
> makes for a more rounded kb.

Maybe worth modifying subject lines? At least assuming that people view
messages in threaded mode?

>> Even a trivial
>> question about domain registration can find its odd path into a
>> discussion
>> about fruit and vegetables.
> not forgetting the techniques employed to actually prepare them for
> consumption.
>> Just my 50 cents guys... I didn't mean to offend anyone.
> ahh but this is usenet and it is inevitable that someone will find their
> sensibilities bruised by your salvo.
> In any event, the very existence of this thread is proof positive (should
> it be needed) that folk do indeed care about 'their' groups on usenet -
> long may that be so.

So do I. I posted because I cared. I have been here for about 6 months, I
know all the regulars and maybe I was wishing for somebody to approve at
least some fragments of my message.


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