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Re: Gradient Transparency

* Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [Troy Piggins] on Saturday 03 September 2005 04:02 \__
>> * Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> __/ [Troy Piggins] on Friday 02 September 2005 06:41 \__
>>>> I would like to create a banner type logo on my home page, and was
>>>> thinking about blending(?) two (or maybe more) photos together.  I'd
>>>> like a close up, say, of the my head/face on one corner, then that
>>>> gets transparent over another background image, say, a landscape of a
>>>> beach.
>> Thanks.  That opacity is a cool thing indeed.  I think somewhere in
>> between your post here and Joal's followup, I am getting there.
>> See my followup to Joal - my last paragraph.  I think I explained better
>> there the end result I want.
> __/ 4 minutes earlier [Tony Piggins] added: \__
>> Also, by "blending" I think I meant (in gimp terminology) to use a
>> gradient from the pasted selection to the background image.  So imagine
>> my (handsome :-/ ) face on the left side of image, pasted there as we did
>> above, then from the right side of my image there is a gradient from the
>> foreground image to the background image.  I tried gradient with color
>> erase mode and it almost looked like what I wanted, but the foreground
>> image didn't completely disappear to nothing over the background.
> In that case, you want to apply transparency that varies from left-to-right
> or vice versa.
>  o Take the face image
>  o Zoom in (tap +) until it fits display (for convenience)
>  o Make selection of a vertical line (1-pixel wide) in the image
>  o (*) Change opacity value of the selection
>  o Move to next vertical line, repeating (*) with a different opacity value
>  o At the end, copy and paste image onto the background.
> I hope the image you are dealing with is small enough to make this
> practical. If it is large, come back and I'll come up with something more
> sophisticated. *smile*

I see what you are saying, but I was hoping it would be something as
easy as the tool "fill with a color gradient", and using the "fg to
transparent" gradient.  Instead of fg color it would be fg image, or
something like that.

What I had in mind would be quite complicated doing it one pixel wide at
a time because of the size.  Nifty idea though.

I will keep playing with it.  At least I am learning heaps as I

And no, there isn't a lightsabre in this image :)  That was just a side
thing I thought of ;)

Troy Piggins
http://earth.google.com : 27 27 44 S 153 02 28 E

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