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Re: same address new page without using frames?

__/ [Els] on Saturday 03 September 2005 18:22 \__

> wallster wrote:
>> please keep the flaming to a minimum (a bucket of water is next to me)
>> but I have a question someone here might be able to explain in basic
>> terms for a dunce like me.
> No flaming, but:
>> I helped a friend put together a website that uses his domain name and
>> url directs to my server. It has a (sorry) flash intro page that
>> continues to his main page.
> Do /not/ play your music right through mine. Look at my sig. You think
> I listen to that because I like to hear some other music right through
> it? You didn't even provide a button where I could turn it off. If you
> want to provide background music, place a button with the text "for
> background music during your visit, please click here".

I think that's what the OP had the bucket of water for. I am sorry, but it's
missing the point, which is that a /client/ has certain dogmatic ideas in
mind. Have a look at:


It is my first proper site, which I designed when I was 19. Flash
introduction and Flash pages (I insisted on alternative pages that override
Flash); used to have background MIDI audio (commented out now). It was not
my choice, but at least I have Flash among my list of skills. Let's try to
be productive rather than make the OP have even more feelings that conflict
the client stir.

>> When I click on a navigation button, the
>> address reverts back to my webpage address. Without using shitty frames
>> design, how can i keep the navigated links keep the original address?
> You shouldn't want to. What if your friend wants to show a certain
> page of his site to his Mum? Tell her to type this, then click that,
> then click that link, and then that link.... "what are you seeing Mum?
> no no, you clicked one too many now. Go back." ;-)

This reminds me of a JavaScript menu and Perl-generated pages that were
developed to administer conferences [1] . You could /never/ ever deep link
to such a site. Pages were just one main address with arguments that are
passed (using JavaScript!) to Perl as arguments. This really boiled me so I
must agree with Els. Search engines might dislike that too. They will wind
up indexing a single page. This is always a terrible idea in commerce.

[1] Software developed by a colleague for a large set of international
conferences. Soon to be scraped and redesigned... but I declined the offer
to do so... they preferred ASP/.NET... *spit*

>> I'm using frontpage. Here's the website:
>> http://www.julicher-racing.com
>> thanks in advance.
> If your friend wants that domainname in every window, he should get
> proper hosting. Doesn't have to cost the world, you can get good
> hosting for 1 USD per month. That way you don't have to use frames,
> and you get the best of both: the domain name doesn't go away, but the
> pages are in the url too, so you can send people to a certain page
> right away.

If you need cheap and highly reliable domain hosting, have a look at my


Starts at GBP 12 per year + domain acquisition.

Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz      | "No, I didn't buy that from eBay"
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