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Re: Adobe Palm Reader problem ?

__/ [Fabio Bernardino] on Saturday 03 September 2005 19:51 \__

> I have the Tungsten E2. I did install Adobe Reader that came in the
> included CD. I created some PDF files from web pages and i had
> installed them in the Palm.
> Although i have already deleted all of them and get the following
> error message every time i hotsync.
> ERROR: The following file(s) could not be installed to the
> SecureDigital (SD) Card because there is no application on your
> handheld to open these files. If you have recently installed such an
> application, please run that application and then perform a HotSync
> operation.
> And then the list of files.
> Any ideas ?
> Thank you.
> --
> Fabio Pereira Bernardino
> Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
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Have you converted the PDF's to Palm-readable files using the desktop-side
software that allows you to 'install' PDF's on your handheld device? You
cannot just send raw (unprocessed) PDF files to your PDA because they are
too large, unoptimised/unsimplified and possibly not secure.


PS - I apologise in advance in case I misunderstood your situation.

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