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Re: Panther, Perl and CPAN

__/ [Iain Day] on Monday 05 September 2005 23:15 \__

> Hi,
> Any Perl gurus about? I have a quick query. If I install a Perl module
> using CPAN, where will it install it?

Based on my experience with Linux, when you first install a module using
CPAN, you need to specify locations as well as other parameters. These
define your future settings, which can be changed, but not intuitively so.

>  From the looks of things, the system installed modules are in
> /System/Library/Perl and there is a similar tree at /Library/Perl,
> though only sparsely populated. I guess it would install third-party
> modules in the latter? Or should I set it up to install somewhere more
> innocuous?
> Iain

It all depends on the way you work and the way your organise youself. If you
want to easily 'carry' Perl modules with you in the future, then you might
be better off placing them among your important files. If you wish to
centralise all third-party modules away from sight, have them installed
properly in the default location. The same often applies to applications.
If you have several users on the same machine, putting modules and binaries
in a place that is accessible to all can ultimately save space and expand
functionality to all. The downside is extra complexity and a negligible
performance penalty.

Hope it helps,


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