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Re: Adsense earnings without click-throughs?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> How can such image ads that pay per impression be enabled? I am
> probably
> raising a non-brainer here, but I haven't come across the relevant
> option
> in the menus.

Well, you don't get to choose as a publisher. It's at the advertiser's
discretion to pay for impressions or not. One of the sort of controls you
have as a publisher is to allow or disallow graphic ads in those ad units,
but that only works one the negative side. You can get rid of them, but
you cannot enable them. You should also have an advertiser that targets
your keywords that's willing to pay.

I must say those pay-per-impression ads are rather annoyance: when I'm
messing around with my site, it is not convenient/practical to disable ALL
ads just to make sure I don't inflate number of impressions when I refresh
a page dozens times. However, Google did not explicitly specify (in a very
googlish way - don't you like how they don't exactly specify ANYTHING in
this program) if they count unique impressions or all impressions. I would
not want them to get me banned for inflating impressions, so i would
rather NOT have pay-per-impression banners on my site or not get paid for
it, which is almost the same thing considering they pay a nickel a day.

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