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Re: Hiding CMS Identity

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> __/ [John Bokma] on Thursday 08 September 2005 12:48 \__
>> davidof <david.george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> It actually raises an interesting point. Given certain URL
>>>> structures, SE's can not only predict if pages will get generated
>>>> on-the-fly,
>> read: they use several heuristics. With mod_rewrite you can decide
>> what you want it to be :-)
> Yes, indeed. However, many people are lazy or indifferent. *smile*
> Look at the WordPress community, for example. Most users just deploy
> it as it comes 'out of the box', even with the faults I have
> complained about in the development community (most recently PageRank
> leakage). Imagine yourself CMS/blogging software that has a mechanism
> in place for hiding its identity... soon to come?

People who need it can either pay someone to do it for them, or do it 

>>>> but also how they get generated.
>> Also easy to fake. Note that everything a spider gets, except the
>> domain name, can be created as you want it, since all this
>> information is encoded in headers your server / program generates.
> I am fairly sure that domain-related information is already used in
> the algorithms. You can sometimes use it for rough speculations. For
> example, certain hosts are blog-magnets whereas others are not, even
> by principle. Residing on server which belongs to a well-reputed host
> still merits a site.

Which would mean that one with a blog on his/her own domain gets 
punished in your vision? I doubt that.

>> And if this would happen, mod_rewrite is your friend :-) Moreover, it
>> would make it possible to make a DIY homebrew CMS look like a
>> reputable well known CMS and vice versa.
> True, but it requires some work and/or skills. Statistically-speaking,
> this still gives you the ability to weed out blogs from search
> results. 

Same for FrontPage created websites, websites not running on Apache, 
etc. A blog is about the content, not about the software that is used. 

I can't take any SE serious that ranks based on brand of blog software, 
publishing software, OS, server etc.

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