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Re: We're being archived in China

__/ [ tonnie ] on Tuesday 25 April 2006 12:59 \__

> Big Bill wrote:
>> I was wondering why my Catherine Bach Posters page was showing up at
>> 190-something in SEO Administrator so I went and had a look. See what
>> I found;
>> This appears to be a Chinese-oriented, or, indeed, an orient-oriented
>> version of our ongoing archives. I wonder if they're censored at all?
> Its the Japanese newsgroups.
> And no, they are not censored, since i can still see messages from you
> and me. :-D

There  are  about  15  localised versions of G2. I  think  that  only  the
interface  language ever varies. It was several months ago when I  noticed
Google  Groups  (as  in  groups.google.*) results showing  up  among  "Web
results".  In  the  long  term,  this could  crush  UseNet  mirrors.  It's
intersting  when  Google decide to deliver _content_ rather than point  to
third-paries. That said, they now consider UseNet to be the World Wide Web
and  list their mirrors among HTTP (which I guess it has been  transformed

Best wishes,


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