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Re: [News] eBay Liaise with Microsoft and Yahoo to Fight Google

__/ [ Malware Magnet ] on Sunday 23 April 2006 06:15 \__

> On 2006-04-22, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Auction giant reportedly talks to Microsoft, Yahoo on how to compete with
>> search king
>> To add context, Google use Linux whereas eBay heavily use Windows
>> technology. Google have new services that compete with eBay, e.g. Froogle,
>> Google Base, Google Local/Finance, Wallet (eBay's PayPal) and maybe
>> Auctions are soon to come.
>>...eBay heavily use Windows technology.
> Not exactly true, Roy. EBay's entire data tier, revamped with the
> deployment of its V3 architecture, does all its heavy lifting using
> Sun Enterprise 4500 servers running Oracle on Solaris 8 and
> Sun StorEdge 9660 systems for its SAN.
> See:
> http://www.sun.com/service/about/success/ebay5.html

Last night I also saw:


                Debian GNU/Linux powers eBay's wireless application server

> For a number of reasons, during the V3 deployment, eBay chose J2EE over
> .NET - see:
> http://www.baselinemag.com/article2/0,1540,659060,00.asp
> Of course, none of this has anything to do with why eBay is presently
> talking with Yahoo! and Microsoft. That is the result of competition, even
> hypercompetition in online auction industry.

I wonder how long it would take before an auctioning CMS is put up at
sourceforce/freshmeat. Think of del.icio.us and Scuttle, for example. This
enabled virtually any site to become its own broad service, for free.
Auctions for a niche will then be possible, on independent domains. I came
across the following yesterday:


> It will be interesting to follow other auction sites such as Taobao.com,
> uBid.com, Alibaba.com, Bidz.com, et al.

Like any community-based and reliant site/service, it would be hard. One
would need to topple eBay by offering some advantages. Google is
self-advertising, so it is put at a position of advantage. The number of
pages they deliver makes it possible to channel many users where desired.
Browser cookies help too.

Best wishes,


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