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Re: BigDaddy Aftermath

__/ [ www.1-script.com ] on Tuesday 18 April 2006 21:24 \__

> So, I guess it's here to stay and has been for the last couple weeks.
> How's everybody doing in the wake of the disaster?

Strangely enough, it was the end of the 18th when Google started sending me a
lot more traffic than ever before. They seem to be knocking down some sites
which have many pages. Addition of new pages seems to entail a penalty, but
not necessarily if the addition is made in a short period of time. I don't
know if a change in strategy as such is a wise choice. They loose breadth.

> I have to admit, I'm totally devastated. Couple major sites are hanging in
> supplemental results since Jan 06 and sport funny-looking cache as of Jan
> 05 (some pages - Dec 2004). No reasonable explanation I could find but
> maybe a part of the problem is related to a silly redirect error between
> non-www and www. domains (302 instead of 301). Who knows - this is just my
> theory.

That could be /it/. Check the logs carefully and identify dates when certain
events happened. Last month it took me hours to figure out why I had
suffered from a penalty. The intersection in dates made it evident, which is
why it's good to keep a diary/calendar.

> Anyone else has a horror story to share?

Google dropped a page of mine to PR0 for embedding Google Video. This took a
month to reverse and cost me about 20,000 visits. I do none of this for
profit though. Be patient and find out the cause for the change. It took me
8 days to figure out my mistake. Visitor 0.6 (which you recommended to me)
is the tool that provided the answer and thereby delivered a solution (after
Google crashed all visitors' Web browsers, using Flash).

Best wishes,


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