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Re: question

__/ [ Big Bill ] on Tuesday 18 April 2006 18:17 \__

> On 18 Apr 2006 10:01:28 -0700, willythepig@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>I would greatly appreciate any help. How can one change search results
>>when you search your name on google. Someone used my name, from my own
>>computer, to post (nothing too bad) comments on a message board that I
>>want nothing to do with (I find it very offensive). I have emailed the
>>webmaster to no avail. The problem is that whenever my name is
>>searched, there are one or two other legitimate results with my name in
>>them, but the offensive one is the first one that comes up. What can I
>>do...please help?
> Willythepig, huh? Wha'd they do that was offensive, call you
> willythefatpig or something? Your best option is to post lots of good
> stuff and force the message down so far that no-one finds it.
> BB

I would suggest that too. You could aim for positive content that supersedes
the bad one by competing with it directly. Use the usual techniques to
intercept what is unflattering. When someone in this group lets his/her
(*cough* his *cough*) month loose, for instance, followups can obscure the
offending bits.

Best wishes,


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