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Re: Flash site optimization

__/ [ catherine yronwode ] on Monday 10 April 2006 04:27 \__

> think positive wrote:
>> Sorry for my not so good english
>> a friend ask me to work on two flash web sites for SEO
>> 1) One site is all in flash (one big file swf)

These are good only when used as a type of catalogue (or display of one's
work rather). It's fine for artsy Web sites. The audience must be directed
from something like a business card or a directory and be unaware of good
site design and the poor ideas of proprietary, floating objects and so

>> The other one is: home in flash and static pages (with very limited
>> text) linked inside swf.
>> I saw that google doesn't index these static pages (so I deduct Google
>> can't follow link inside that kind of swf files).
>> I said him that with flash He need to add static text, other landing
>> pages (with rich text and targeted keywords) if he want to reach good
>> results.
>> Is correct what I said to him?
>  Yes.

The overall effect might not be as desirable and attractive as that of one
single SWF file. However, it gives you the advantage of gaining traffic from
search engines and the ability to link to points that are located deeper in
your site (among many other factors... read "Flash is Evil" and the likes of

>> A friend said me that a very limited result can be reach adding some
>> keyword inside embed/object tag (link alt in image) but this solution is
>> very limited a not good for competitive sector.
>  Yes, but VERY limited.
> Google indexes text and only text. No text = no google ranking. Lots of
> text = high google ranking. Text in links (alt tag text) is too limited.
> You need real text. Have your friend place text on every page.
> cat yronwode

Remember that Google are adverse to proprietary technology and enoughrages
*cough* Web standards (validate google.com for a start). Follow the ideas of
the Open Web and you will prosper in the long term.

Best of luck,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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