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Re: Tracking adsense clicks ?

__/ [ ".:J:." ] on Sunday 30 April 2006 15:16 \__

> Hey people
> Any great experiences and suggestions on tracking an adsense click to
> analyze on conversion to adsense ?
> I can searcg google and find som scripts, but need som experience :)
> Cheers
> J

The best you can probably do is read AdSense data in Google's standard
service/UI. Otherwise, you can export the data from Google's service and
find some third-party application that produce richer stats, maybe even
something visual. Somehow, due to the conciseness of the data, I doubt you'd
be able to extract much information out of it.

Having said it all, _do_ have a look at the following:


Example output for WordPress.com (highly recommended):


Additionally, you could possibly use JavaScript to wrap the AdSense function
and do whatever analysis pleases you. Whether it's worth your time or not --
that depends on the extent of your site. Based on experience of my own, as
well as others', you need _very_ high levels of traffic to make it all
affordable and worthwhile. The exceptions are highly optimised for revenue
or are fraudulent (e.g. asbestos auto-generated content).

Hope it helps,


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