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Re: nofollow attribute

__/ [ Mr. Polzek ] on Friday 28 April 2006 11:18 \__

> Hi,
> When analyzing my website the following summary came up:
> "Your web page doesn't appear to be using the rel="nofollow" anchor
> attribute. It's important to use this attribute for outgoing links that you
> cannot verify, are not related to the content of your web page, and/or link
> to untrusted spammy web pages. Otherwise, search engines may penalize your
> web page for links they deem to be untrustworthy and/or spammy."
> My question is where do I include  rel="nofollow" in my web pages?

It sounds as though you are using an SEO analyzer which its author once
advertised in this group. I could track the full thread, but from I can
recall, it was ridiculed because many prominent sites were scored badly
unjustifiably (e.g. standards mistaken for potential SEO rewards). The
summary above sounds amateurish if you ask me, although it conveys some
reasonable facts.

As Borek pointed out, the way to incorporate this should be:

__/ [ Borek ] on Friday 28 April 2006 13:01 \__

> <a href="http://example.com"; rel="nofollow">

Don't misuse this however. Validation links should probably be
rel="nofollow"ed, but excessive use may be frowned upon by visitors (in my
Web browser, I see these highlighted in angry red), engines, and people
whose site you link in stealth.

Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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