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Re: Deleting files on Palm Lifedrive

__/ [ Geir Tveit ] on Friday 28 April 2006 09:14 \__

> I have transferred several applications to the hard drive in order to save
> some mb's in the internal memory.  When I delete the application files from
> the hard drive, the data files are left in the internal memory.  How can I
> find out which additional files I need to delete from the internal memory?
> It is stacking up with data files and I don't know which one's I can safely
> delete.

I am not too familiar with the LifeDrive, but in older models, once you erase
an application, its database (/additional files) is deleted as well. I
cannot say this most reliably though. For deletion of leftover files, one
could use a tool like FileZ, which is a free file manager for Palm O/S. In
principle, even if I move an application to external memory (SD cards in my
case, not a hard-drive), its data files will have to remain in internal
memory (RAM). Essentially, this means that the two elements are in some
sense fragmented.

All in all, if you erased applications from the hard-drive and their data
files remained in main memory, I suppose the best you could ever do is
identify the intent of the file/s based on names. Application's
documentation may help. There may be some additional information bound to
data files, if I recall correctly.

Hope this helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz 
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