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Re: Google indexing different depending on location?

__/ [ redfoot ] on Wednesday 26 April 2006 16:44 \__

> To all the gurus out there, maybe you can answer this?
> I have a website that is well indexed or so I thought.  When a do a
> site:mysite.com from home in Florida, I get 20,000 results.  When I do
> the same from work, which is ported through a proxy server in Maryland,
> it only shows 6.  I have tried this on a few different days and get the
> same results.  It did not used to be that way.  My site sells products
> and we want to sell to people all over the country and not just where
> we are located.
> Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Type  in  your site's address in the textbox at  http://www.yourcache.com/
and  see  if  you  can spot misalignments. It's  possible  that  different
datacentres are assigned to each location and they will sooner or later be
synchronised fully.

I  am not aware of cross-state differences in search results delivery, but
there  are  definitely  such differences as you move from one  country  to
another.  None  of  these  variation  is  radical,  I  guess.  That  said,
situations  as such usually involve search phrases (not site indexing) and
have language or location taken into account.

Hope it helps,


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