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Re: Why Linux + Java

__/ [ Intel Inside ] on Wednesday 26 April 2006 14:23 \__

> Roy said "KDE and GNOME can be tweaked to look and behave like
> Tiger/Jaguar. For legal concerns, they cannot come in this form 'out of the
> box'." Is this process documented anywhere Roy?

There is nothing official I am aware of. Mine was an overstatement,
admittedly. Regardless:

        Can you imagine Novell or Red Hat, being more prominent examples, unleashing
a Tiger clone with their default desktop environment? That's intellectual
or/and artistic theft. Apple have already intercepted companies that
released cheap(er) iPod copycats and lookalikes. Additionally, Linsprire
(formerly Lindows) were subjected to a name change, as were Mandrake (the
magician/wizard/whatever, now renamed Mandriva).

Copying of one's visual characteristic is dangerous territory, but when
acquired from a non-official third-party, this may be acceptable. The vendor
(as opposed to a community) holds no liability. Then, come to consider some
video codecs and MP3 support, which some commercial distributions refuse to
have embedded in the packaged product.

Best wishes,


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