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Re: Why Linux + Java

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
__/ [ asj ] on Wednesday 26 April 2006 03:13 \__

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
Am I right to think that JBOSS were acquired by Red Hat around Easter? If
so, this could become interesting. I think that Oracle had an interest in
JBOSS as well. Sorry for any wrong assumptions I might make here. I lost
touch with the news for over a fornight.
Red Hat acquired JBOSS just a few weeks ago, yes. Ironically, the guy
in charge of JBOSS is an insufferable French guy who actually had
insulted Red Hat last year by saying the company had no innate product
of its own - the irony.

How come I don't like Apple?
I'm writing this on a mac (macs are very java-friendly, but i have
linux, windows desktop boxes too). I don't like Steve Jobs, he's a
freaking a*hole, but you gotta admit the mac is very easy to use and
good looking to the eyes.

I was thinking along the lines of DRM and the adoption of terms like Podcast,
among other things.

I think Linux desktops have to learn from the mac when it comes to ease
of use and pleasing graphics.

I fully agree. Mind you, KDE and GNOME can be tweaked to look and behave like
Tiger/Jaguar. For legal concerns, they cannot come in this form 'out of the

Probably they can be tweaked to look somewhat like MAC. They will never behave like MAC (as good as), they will apparently also never look and behave as good as Windows. Somehow all Linux GUI tools look little bit cheap and crappy. (little bit like GUI tools that I would have done myself).

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