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[News] Ruby on Rails Spreads Like Fire

Ruby on Rails is gaining momentum.

,----[ Quote ]
| Since its first release by David Heinemeier Hansson in middle 2004,
| Ruby on Rails has enjoyed strong positive trend both in the open
| source and web development community. This trend can be easily
| noticed in Google Trend's statistics.


Also a hot item these days:

Migrate Visual Studio C and C++ projects to Eclipse CDT

,----[ Quote ]
| This article provides a brief step-by-step procedure for migrating
| Microsoft Visual Studio C/C++ (MSVC) projects to Eclipse.



Developers' use of open source Eclipse doubles

,----[ Quote ]
| The adoption rate of the open source Eclipse integrated development
| environment has more than doubled in the Europe, the Middle East and
| Africa region, industry analysts have revealed.


Study: Developers Favor Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| "Regardless of what kind of developer you are, you're still trying to
| make a living, and target the operating system that?s controlling the
| market."
| However, in the most recent survey, the developers' forecast of their
| target platform has changed. For the first time, these developers said
| that in the next 12 to 18 months they expect to be developing more Linux
| apps than Windows apps. 


Open source booming in Asia

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source code is now used by over 70 per cent of software
| developers in Asia, according to a new report.


Developers Embrace Java, Drop Visual Basic 

,----[ Quote ]
| Use of Visual Basic has dropped 35% since the spring, says a
| poll of more than 430 North American developers done by research
| company Evans Data.
| [...]
| Developers have abandoned Microsoft's Visual Basic in droves
| during the last six months, and they're using Java more than any
| other development language, according to a recently published
| survey. 


TIOBE Programming Community Index for November 2006

,----[ Quote ]
| Java           20.400%  
| C              17.198%         
| C++            11.055%         
| (Visual) Basic 9.470%  
| PHP            9.209%  
| Perl           6.228%  
| Python         3.641%  
| C#             3.023%  
| JavaScript     2.310%  
| Delphi         2.252%  
| SAS            2.210%  
| Ruby           1.717%  
| PL/SQL         1.223%  
| D              0.684%  
| ABAP           0.637%  
| Lisp/Scheme    0.586% 
| COBOL          0.564%  
| Ada            0.546%  
| Pascal         0.516%  
| Visual FoxPro  0.431% 


101 Reasons Why Java is Better than .NET (Reloaded)

,----[ Quote ]
| # Public Domain APIs - Any Java public apis are part of the public
| domain, .NET apis are proprietary and can open the door to a law suit.
| # Standard Library Source Code Availability - Java source code for the
| core libraries are available in every J2SDK distribution, .NET sources
| can only be seen by resorting to illegal means.


Google joins Eclipse Foundation

,----[ Quote ]
| Google's Open Source Program Office (including Greg Stein, Chris
| DiBona, and Zaheda Bhorat) pulled the deal together between Google
| and the Eclipse Foundation in October.


Five Years On: The Future of Eclipse  

,----[ Quote ]
| Even IBM admits it didn't expect its Eclipse open source project for
| building enterprise Java tools would grow as fast as it did.
| [...]
| By January of 2004, Eclipse was re-organized as an open source
| foundation and an independent organization.


Eclipse Is Still Going Strong

,----[ Quote ]
| In the intervening years, the Eclipse open-source development
| platform has grown well beyond the IDE space, branching out into
| areas such as reporting, modeling, AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript
| and XML) development, SOA (service-oriented architecture) tooling,
| RCP (rich-client platform) technology, team development, and
| support for other languages beyond Java.


Eclipse: A Billion-Dollar Baby?

,----[ Quote ]
| "Historically enterprise software has been sold through [a]
| direct salesforce channel. ... We're starting to see success
| in open source software products in areas which have been
| traditionally the realm of the direct salesforce. Those
| environments or those products have very, very low cost of
| sales, so as customers get more used to that, I think that
| over time, there are going to be fewer and fewer software
| salesmen."


Eclipse Adoption on The Rise

,----[ Quote ]
| With the EclipseWorld conference kicking off this week in Boston,
| it would be easy to think the open source Java tools project is
| everywhere.


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