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Re: Open source Search Engines for my site ?

__/ [".:J:." ] on Thursday 02 February 2006 22:13 \__

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:drstpk$1h8i$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> __/ [John Bokma] on Thursday 02 February 2006 06:56 \__
>>> ".:J:." <MONKEYselskab-at-bigfoot.com> wrote:
>>>> Hey
>>>> I'm looking for an open source SE to put on my site. I'd like to make
>>>> the external search engines (google etc) crawl my search engine, so
>>>> that i.e. Google would index my search engines database. Any
>>>> suggestions on a simple open source search engine ?
>>> htdig, not sure if it's still supported, etc.
>> PhpDig < http://www.phpdig.net/ > might still have some active development
>> and is probably more modern. I don't know if Entropy Search is Open
>> Source,
>> but I assume it is. Regarding the latter point, external (third-party)
>> search engines will not have interest in indices which you generate
>> locally.
>> Google sitemaps are the closest thing, but they are associated with
>> crawling
>> patterns, not search results.
>> Roy
> How about this site www.lasso.dk ? How does it make google and others index
> their searchresults ?
> cheers
> j

That site has PageRank of 2 and I have a hard time understanding what it
contains. I don't know any Danish->English page conversions. I remember that
as a deficiency among translation tools, which has been raised before in
this newsgroup. What do you know about this site which we are missing? Is it
run by a friend of yours? It is said to have been first seen in February
2002, so PageRank 2 could indicate slow growth, unless the URL alone was
parked in the interim.

I am not sure that indexing of search results, which can be done by linking
to a query execution, is the same as the situation that involves indexing
the indices or pulling indices from a local search tool. Have you tried
searching for links 'backward' to see how/why this pages get indexed?

Best wishes,


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