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Re: (Article) Search History and Privacy

__/ [Big Bill] on Saturday 04 February 2006 20:55 \__

> On Sat, 04 Feb 2006 19:35:30 GMT, "Who Turned Off The Lights?"
> <Lights@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>"Who Turned Off The Lights?" <Lights@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> news:ds2ntt$2pds$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> __/ [Who Turned Off The Lights?] on Saturday 04 February 2006 17:09 \__
>>>>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>>>> news:ds2mf6$2oto$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>>> __/ [Who Turned Off The Lights?] on Saturday 04 February 2006 16:47
>>>>>> \__
>>>>>>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>>>>>> news:ds2jau$2o4p$3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>>>>> This will soon reach Slashdot:
>>>>>>>> http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9588_22-6034666%2Ehtml
>>>>>>>> "It's only a matter of time before other attorneys realize that a
>>>>>>>> person's
>>>>>>>> entire search history is available for the asking, and the subpoenas
>>>>>>>> begin
>>>>>>>> to fly. This could happen in civil lawsuits or criminal
>>>>>>>> prosecutions."
>>>>>>> Whewh! I guess it's a good thing I never actually posted to
>>>>>>> alt.www.cockroach-cross-dressers-anonymous
>>>>>> <sarcasm /> Our news server does not syndicate that one, but it does
>>>>>> communicate with alt.www.stupid-idiot.com. Seriously, it does. I
>>>>>> thought
>>>>>> it
>>>>>> was difficult to set up newsgroups back when I was investigating the
>>>>>> possibility <
>>>>>> http://www.washington.edu/computing/newsgroups/create.html
>>>>>>  >.
>>>>> On my end, I'd found alt.stupid.idiots which is actually filled with
>>>>> SOME
>>>>> normal posts on varying subjects....'least as far as I can see from my
>>>>> quick scan.
>>>>>> Erasing your Google cookie might not be of any use either, even if its
>>>>>> (re-)reaction is denied permanently. IP addresses contribute nothing
>>>>>> to anonymity and proxies can be tracked back to their origin.
>>>>> But they'd have to be really out for your ass to want to go through all
>>>>> this trouble? or not?
>>>> Depends how often you hop between proxies and whether the proxies retain
>>>> their full logs, too. For example, posting anonymously from Google
>>>> Groups gives no true anonymity, unless you hijack somebody's Win2000/XP
>>>> box, which
>>>> evidently is an easy task. Any other machine is probably associated with
>>>> you
>>>> somehow, _plus_ you are logged in as a privileged user with an account.
>>>> With our news nodes, posting is so restrictive and gives so much away
>>>> (it even resolves IP addresses to give the workstation's name), so I
>>>> might as well just give up on anonymity altogether. Once my first
>>>> posting to the Flash newsgroup leaked to the Web, I just said "What the
>>>> hack..." and the rest is history (logged).
>>> I'd always surmised as much. Always better to be post AS IF you knew it'd
>>> come back to haunt you.
>>> Regardless, maybe you'll recall last July (2005) when a similar subject
>>> was brought up and crossposted here on this NG as well as misc.legal,
>>> alt.privacy, alt.true-crime
>>> Lawyers' Delight: Old Web Material Doesn't Disappear
>>Oooops, please excuse the 'faux pas' BB.
> Mfnghuh? Wha?
> I was sleeping...

I did too. I didn't care for anonimity either and even found Bill there, by


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