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Re: (Article) Search History and Privacy

__/ [Thrasher Remailer] on Sunday 05 February 2006 19:08 \__

> In article <ds2mf6$2oto$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> snip
>> Erasing your Google cookie might not be of any use either, even if its
>> (re-)reaction is denied permanently. IP addresses contribute nothing to
>> anonymity and proxies can be tracked back to their origin.
> Tor conceals I.P. address and cannot be traced back to the user.

But Tor can afford to do this because Scroogle logs are in his own hands and
he will not proliferate them. Oh, hold on... [as I read onwards] are you
talking about a program? I thought it was Mr. Googlewatch...

> How to surf anonymously.
> Use the Firefox latest version browser.
> Get the Noscript and Adblock extensions for Firefox

Already got both. *smile*

> Get Tor http://tor.eff.org and Privoxy http://privoxy.org
> Set them up according to documentation on the Tor site.
> Set Firefox and extensions so that java, javascript, and flash are all
> disabled and only allowed for trusted sites. (use caution when allowing any
> flash or scripts)

Flash is already blocked by AdBlock, the CSS-only ad blocker. There's also
the FlashBlock extension on top of that. It enables me to play Flash upon
mouseclick, which is crucial as some sites cannot be navigated without

> Set Firefox to delete *ALL* cookies and browser history *every* time you
> close the browser.

Now, that requirement is rather greedy. This leads to endless amount of work
restoring one's settings and logging in again. It can be very inconvenient
and impractical. Some sites make cookies a must and the same applies to
JavaScript. You are being denied access at the door.

> Close the browser at least once or twice an hour.
> Use this technique with care and you are effectively invisible, anonymous
> and untraceable.  Your ISP will only be able to tell that you have
> encrypted connections to various I.P.'s.  They cannot know what is passing
> through that connection or where you are actually connecting to.  Tor is an
> anonymous proxy system, so as long as you are carefull with information in
> forms and what scripts you allow No webmaster will be able to identify you
> even from one visit to another.

I know I go off-topic here, but isn't encryption still illegal in some
countries. I transfer over 100 GB of encrypted data a month, but it's over
SSH and SCP, never encrypted HTTP, so it's acceptable. This is different
from HTTPS where there is usually justification for privacy. When someone
encrypts HTTP, this can lead to suspicion that pirated software or child
pornography is involved.

> Granted, surfing through Tor can be slower, but now that there are several
> hundred Tor servers the load is being distributed much better and there are
> more people launching servers all the time.

Intersting, but I never browse Web sites that I feel embarrassed about. In
fact, my screen is grabbed and made public every 10 minutes, so I have
nothing to hide. The same applies to the list of running processes.

> To learn how to send anonymous email see
> http://quicksilvermail.net for information and downloads
> or
> http://www.panta-rhei.eu.org/pantawiki for information
> and http://www.panta-rhei.eu.org/downloads/ for downloads

Isn't PGP enough? It hides message content, but I suppose there is much
beyond IP address for the mail routers and ISP's to see.

> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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> The original sender is unknown.  Any address shown in the From header
> is unverified. You need a valid hashcash token to post to groups other
> than alt.test and alt.anonymous.messages. Visit www.panta-rhei.eu.org
> for abuse and hashcash info.

Thanks Thrasher Remailer. I must admit, that name sounds kind of fake...


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