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Re: How Microsoft Sabotages Linux Adoption

__/ [rex.ballard@xxxxxxxxx] on Friday 10 February 2006 07:20 \__

> Microsoft really has three key strategies.
>   1. Legal contracts designed to force OEMs and partners to exclude
> competitiors.
> Many of these contracts AREN'T legal, but Microsoft evades the law by
> not explicitly ordering the exclusion - in the contract.
>    2. Legal Contracts which restrict the public disclosure of
> competitive information.
> Microsoft requires prior written consent to any benchmark before that
> benchmark can be published to mainstream media.  Furthermore, if an
> article is published without Microsoft's prior written consent,
> Microsoft has the right to force you to run a similar benchmark of
> THEIR choosing, filter and weight data according to THEIR criteria, and
> summarize the conclusions in a manner that satisfies THEIR economic
> interests.
> Keep in mind that a benchmark could include any side-by-side comparison
> of Windows and LInux, even just the programs offered.
> It's in the EULA, and it's even more clearly expressed in the OEM-LA,
> and Corporate LA.

Whether anyone actually honours that part of the EULA is another matter. In
mainstream media, this might apply, but others choose to disregard and
poison that legislative FUD, which only comes to show how morbidly
aggressive Microsoft have become (/always been). It also proves that they
have plenty to hide.

__/ [rex.ballard@xxxxxxxxx] added on Friday 10 February 2006 07:25 \__

> The third strategy is sabotage.
> It takes almost nothing to cripple a competitor application by simply
> making minor alterations to the underlying library - and making sure
> that your applications are not affected, but your customer's is.

This is implicitly included in the original article. Please quote and
attribute, Rex (See http://www.safalra.com/special/googlegroupsreply/ ). I
love to read your posts, but you are adopting message formatting habits that
lose readers, which is a shame. 

> Microsoft has even admitted under oath to ding this to Stacker, IBM's
> Cyrix, DR-DOS, DesqView/X, OS/2, Warp,  and several others.
> The main thing to keep in mind is that Microsoft has often drafted the
> settlment almost since the day the lawsuit or case was first filed.

I'm sure they have a FUD department dedicated to doing just that.

Lo and behold what Rueters published 9 hours ago:

http://today.reuters.com/news/newsArticle.aspx?type=businessNews ...
&storyID=2006-02-09T220950Z_01_N0978826_RTRUKOC_0_US-MICROSOFT- ...

( Microsoft to spend $1 bln to expand headquarters )


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