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Re: Tngusten T Headphone Jack (was: Lost Sound)

__/ [Roy Schestowitz] on Friday 10 February 2006 08:03 \__

> __/ [AaronJ] on Friday 10 February 2006 03:23 \__
>> Ron Miller <rh.miller@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>My Tungsten E2 has recently lost its voice. Although it will play mp3s
>>>through external speakers or stereophones, all the signals, alarms, and
>>>general clicking has disappeared. It was not dropped or abused so far as
>>>I can remember.
>>>I have done soft and warm resets without result. Has anyone else
>>>experienced this and found a way to restore sound short of trying a hard
>> It's possible the speaker springs used to attach the speaker to the board
>> have come unsprung. As a last resort take off the back and bend out the
>> springs a little. This was a common complaint (and fix) on the TE(1)...
> I have this problem with my Tungsten T too. All Tungsten appear to have
> this deficiency, which many people have already complained about in the
> newsgroups. In my case, it has gone on for several months and I have not
> got around to fixing it. I'll give it a kick later today, owing to your
> advice.

Update: I chicken out after opening half of my Tungsten and tearing some bits

As Peter (my common reference) put it:


"If you really have to open it, start with the 2 tiny holes in the back, left
and right of the serial number tag. With 2 paper clips or similar tools, you
have to press through both holes simultaniously to unlock the sliding
mechnism. But be careful! The sliding part is connected to the main unit
with a very delicate plastic flat cable that's glued to the bottom of the
case. You have to detach that cable also, before you can open the actual

I fortunately had the needed screw driver in my drawer, but I never managed
to unlock the sliding mechanism. I started gently and tried quite hard for
the next 15 minutes. I just broke all my fingernails in a nasty nails. Any
advice, AaronJ? I could live without my MP3's, but lacking the alarms and
relying on vibrations is tough...

Many thanks,


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