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Re: The New Year of Linux

__/ [Kier] on Monday 02 January 2006 16:25 \__

> Well, here we are in 2006, with a new year before us. How does everyone
> see Linux progressing from here? Will it be a year of consolidation, or
> the big breakthrough on the desktop? What are people's thoughts and
> predictions for Linux in the coming months?

I would probably look at some milsetones which lay ahead:

-Media: AmaroK 2 and SongBird

-Web: Mozilla Firefox 2, the next generation of CSS (for those who can keep

-Desktop: KDE 4 with Plasma and the rest of these innovative developments

-Servers: Open Source CMS software gaining popularity, especially among blogs
which spread like fire

-Search: Linux servers continue to dominate in that area

-Corporate: more interests in OSS because of precedents, industrialisation
which leads to reliable support services

-Mobile computing: Palm, Nokia and Motorola (among other) turn to Linux and
release powerful, marketable models

-Operating System: No major releases of rival operating system. No leap as
major as Mac OS 9 to 10 or anything exciting from Microsoft either. Windows
sees no release (unless critical patches count) until the end of the year at
most and nothing new to see either, apart from resource hog.

-Preinstalled OSS: Firefox bundled by large vendors. OpenOffice 2 soon to
follow suit.

-Desktop/Laptop: More and more vendors sell open workstations with Linux
either bound or preinstalled.

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