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Re: unable to play audio cd with suse 10

__/ [Michel Catudal] on Monday 02 January 2006 16:31 \__

> Le Mon, 02 Jan 2006 11:34:20 +0000, Roy Schestowitz a écrit :
>> ...Sorry  to 'steal' this thread and post about a sound problem of my own,
>> but:
> Nor really stealing, there is room for everybody here.
>> My  sound card, which is built onto an Intel Celeron-type motherboard does
>> not  appear to allow sound balance to be changed. I tried this with Ubuntu
>> in  the past and it was not working. I also had Mandrake, but I can't  re-
>> call  if this worked; I suspect not. I have had SuSE 9.3 installed on this
>> machine ever since (several months), but still the same issue.
>> When  attempting  to shift balance to one side of the  output  (speakers),
>> there is no effect. It's as if the balance function is altogether ignored.
>> It's  quite necessary in my case because a certain side is channelled to a
>> separate room. At present, I need to physically pull out wires to mute one
>> side.
>> Roy
> You may have a limited function sound card. Try a USB sound card or
> another on board sound card and disable the onboard sound card.
> I had to disable the one on my son's computer because it was distorted.
> Even OSS sound didn't work.
> Try OSS sound before you do that. It is now free for personal use.
> You just have to update it every 4 months.
> http://www.opensound.com/

Thanks  a bunch, Michel. I have downloaded the package and will attempt an
installation  later tonight. This seems a bit daunting. I fear that it may
ruin  the  current sound settings or muck about with the kernel. The  site
seems rather out-of-date, but at least it is aware of Linux kernel version
2.6. I will let you know if the procedure was a success.

I  wish  I had a music player that could play mono and send the signal  to
just  a single side. AmaroK and XMMS won't do. The balance bar is bound to
the matser volume unlike, for instance, the equalizer bit.


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