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Re: unable to play audio cd with suse 10

__/ [Michel Catudal] on Monday 02 January 2006 21:20 \__

> <SNIP>
>>> You may have a limited function sound card. Try a USB sound card or
>>> another on board sound card and disable the onboard sound card.
>>> I had to disable the one on my son's computer because it was distorted.
>>> Even OSS sound didn't work.
>>> Try OSS sound before you do that. It is now free for personal use.
>>> You just have to update it every 4 months.
>>> http://www.opensound.com/
>> Thanks  a bunch, Michel. I have downloaded the package and will attempt an
>> installation  later tonight. This seems a bit daunting. I fear that it may
>> ruin  the  current sound settings or muck about with the kernel. The  site
>> seems rather out-of-date, but at least it is aware of Linux kernel version
>> 2.6. I will let you know if the procedure was a success.
>> I  wish  I had a music player that could play mono and send the signal  to
>> just  a single side. AmaroK and XMMS won't do. The balance bar is bound to
>> the matser volume unlike, for instance, the equalizer bit.
>> Roy
> Make a backup of your modeprobe.conf first.
> If the install doesn't succeed you may have to return to Alsa.
> SuSE seems to have something screwed up in the kernel source and the
> latest sound driver doesn't compile on my SuSE. I have paid for the
> license. It works well with Fedora Core 4.
> To get mine to work on SuSE I think I will have to download a non SuSE
> kernel.
> What is tricky when the install doesn't work is that OSS disables all
> the sound driver (Should be all at the beginning of the file
> /etc/modeprobe.conf)
> The fun part is then to reinstall the alsa driver. It may take a few
> reboots if you don't feel like looking for the script to restart.
> Alsa will reinstall eventually.

I was about to do this last night. I was well-prepared and had the archive on
my Desktop. But I chickened out...

There is very little to be gained and too much to be potentially lost.

Pro: no need to manually pull wires and plug them back in (usually once a
day). Mixer can be used instead.


* rebooting, which breaks remote sessions on two other computers

* Risk of kernel panic, various failures

* Time

* Periodic updates from the OSS site

* ... more ...

This remains a possibility nonetheless, but I left it for another day.

Many thanks,


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