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Re: Google Begs for More Spam Reports

__/ [ canadafred ] on Saturday 11 March 2006 14:21 \__

> "Brian Wakem" <no@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:47g2hrFfi24nU1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> I suppose I can't be sure nothing has happened, but all their spam pages
>> are
>> still indexed and still appear in the same positions they used to.

Perhaps they take all the spam reports, toss them in a pool of data
(knowledgebase), then index the reports and only if you make it to page 1
will they actually take a look at the report. *smile*

The solution: spam the spam report mechanism. Send a tonnage of bitter spam
reports until it appeals for enough attention. As I said in an earlier
message, being persistent helped. Needless to say, my previous paragraph was

> It's been a waste of time for a while now. They're interested in the spam
> report only as a guideline to try to figure out filtering mechanisms. Very
> very few web sites actually get banned. They make an example once in a
> while and reword their Webmaster Guidelines periodically in hopes to
> intimidate
> spammers into compliance. I had one web site banned several years ago  ( by
> another SEO who convinced the project owner to replace me ). When I got
> back to the web sites I just cleaned 'em up and moved them around a bit.
> Before the spammer, they were top players in their keyphrase markets, now
> they are in the second group of leaders and perform somewhat in the organic
> results. Adwords is now the main ingredient of it's web site promotion
> solution.
> On Matts Cutt's blog http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/send-more-spam-reports/
> " ... I'm especially looking for Chinese/Japanese/Korean spam ..." and "...
> any sites that consist mostly of English keyword stuffing ..." Sorta' leads
> me to the presumption that the English keyword stuffing they are looking
> for is on Chinese/Japanese/Korean web sites, which incidentally, thousands
> of these Asian web sites seem to do fairly effectively.
> Google is vying for control for the Asian search market, which is just as
> big if not bigger than the Western market, it seems to me that they are
> waking up to the fact that their monster may be out of control.
> Speculation : Perhaps they are willing to throw away their Western foothold
> by developing a replacement market? Maybe they are genuinely going to
> seriously try to salvage their SERPs integrity?
> Whatever their profit driven intentions are, the Western end user may
> slowly be waking up.

It is possible that, sooner or later, sites in the east will hijack
westernised (English) SERP's. They have the capability to replicate and spam
without getting caught quite so easily. Add the fact that the Chinese have
many reasons to dislike Google. Google helps the communist government
rewrite (or mask) history. How can /anyone/ turn a blind eye to this??

Best wishes,


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