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Re: Google Begs for More Spam Reports

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 

> Notice  that in that blog entry (URL seen above), Cutts shows special  in-
> terest in spam from the far east. One wonders if it's part of some plan to
> further censor results in that region. (that's just a poor joke, actually)

I get it, that's a good one. Unfortunate for the Chinese people, but I see 
the humour. Most of them have no choice but to appear like they seem to be 
enjoying their communist censoring system the way it is. Google forgets that 
it is suppose to be a search engine. Engaging with the Chinese government is 
no missionary work on their part, it's motive is strictly profit driven. The 
hell with the suppressed population that is deathly afraid to confront it's 
brutal master.

This is not to say that Yahoo and the others are any cleaner for their 
feeble attempts at involving themselves in this game. Remember what happens 
when anything or anyone tries to open the Chinese government's mind.

Anyone who dreams of Google becoming responsible for bringing about 
open-mindedness in this part of the world, is not thinking clearly. The 
minute Google crosses the lines of censorship in China is the minute it 
starts to pack it's bags to move home, to the mess it has here.


Fred canadian_web@xxxxxxxxxxx
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