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Re: Linux PC for $159 (exposing the LIEnix liars once again)

On Sat, 11 Mar 2006 15:48:49 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> The  article comes from a rather impartial source. The reviewer is with PC
> Mag and is not thoroughly familiar with Linux. Page one does not even men-
> tion  the word Linux and, as in any review, upsides must be brought to the
> reader's attention, as well as downsides. It otherwise raises endless cri-
> tique.

What on earth are you talking about?

> You're continuing to live in an isolated La-la land. Inevitably, your la--
> land is becoming grimmer and the grass begins to reveal many yellow spots.
> You  can continue to suppress what you desire to never hear, but Linux  is
> growing quickly and there is only one platform from which users depart.

What are you talking about?
You are all over the place.

This post is as bad as your bringing Windows fan failures into a
discussion about audio latency.

Do you drink?

> While you fear that your so-called 'skill' will become obsolete, I suggest
> you begin to learn Linux and familiarise yourself with its splendid tools.

I know all about Linux.

> Judging  by what you have had to say, you were never even able to  install
> Linux  properly.

Tell a lie and run with it.
I've proven many times over that I run Linux, not that I have to.
Prove it, that is.

>  It is common knowledge that Linux installation  is  more
> straightforward  than that of Windows.

Again....What are you talking about?

Do you have trouble focusing?

ADHD perhaps?

> But, oh wait, many vendors  pre-in-
> stall  Windows for the clients. That should provide a sign. Maybe  because
> it's  not  that simple after all... Windows even needs the hardware to  be
> made "Compatible with Windows [X]", as oppose to hardware being bought and
> then  an  operating system tailoring itself to fit the hardware, which  is
> unaware and even oblivious to the O/S.

On an on an on an on......

Is there a point in here somewhere?

> Best  wishes flatty. Please don't bother to reply again. You don't  belong
> here.

At least I can follow a thread, unlike you.

Do you drink?

> Roy
"Why Do They Call It A Flatfish?"

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