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Re: Google Begs for More Spam Reports

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 

> That aside, shouldn't all spam reports be forked to reach /all/ the search
> engines? Such practices help protect a monopoly.

The major SEs should work closer together to stop the big manipulators but I 
can't see this happening in my lifetime.

Web pages that rock and roll on Google, don't necessarily perform very well 
on Yahoo and MSN. MSN for example, seems to filters keyword stuffing 
incredibly well. I have a really good example of this in the last week 
wheeras I had pushed the limits on a web site and the web site dropped to 
the eighth page for the primary keyphrase search. I toned down the keyphrase 
density significantly and now it is #1. Although MSN produces much less 
results to offer the web searcher, these offerings seem to be the real 
quality results that exist for the keyphrase search. I can't see MSN sharing 
this technology with Google, nor can I can conceive Google ever sharing 
their hypothetical filtering abilities with Yahoo, however disfunctional 
their are.

I totally support your notion though, that in a perfect search engine world, 
spam would be spam universally. Wouldn't that be nice and we all could get 
back to the business of developing web sites for our commercial clients 
instead of tip toeing around linking schemes and kissing Google's *beep* all 
day long.


Fred canadian_web@xxxxxxxxxxx
Ethical SEO Tips, Tools and Resources

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