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Re: Kubuntu Dapper Drake flight5 released

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
__/ [ GreyCloud ] on Sunday 12 March 2006 18:22 \__

Larry Qualig wrote:
Roy Schestowitz wrote:

__/ [ Lobo ] on Sunday 12 March 2006 06:20 \__


"We are now in the final stages of Dapper Drake development. Everything
is stabilizing, and Ubuntu 6.04 will certainly be a top-notch
professional OS."

Looking good. Maybe this will be the Linux distro that even tabby can
install  ;-)
For  those  who love eye candy, Dapper features an easily-installable  XGL
package. Why bother mentioning this? Everyone knows that UNIX variants are
powerful  working  tools, but 'wrapping' has probably been a  drawback  to
many  (marketing aside). XGL beats the hell out of Tiger and Vista,  which
let us face it, have got some catching up to do. It is ironic that visuals
make  the most conspicuous selling point whilst popular applications  like
Firefox are known to have Open Source roots.

Ubuntu  was noted best distribution of the year. I see many who migrate to
the  Ubuntu 'family' of distribution, so this release is a major milestone
that  will have great impact. Version 7 of Ubuntu is due around September,
which still predates the release of Windows Vista. OSX is fairly idle,  as
it has been for several years.

My two cents

--> "XGL beats the hell out of Tiger and Vista, which --> let us face it, have got some catching up to do."

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on Vista but how exactly is Tiger (OSX) losing to XGL and how it is possibly catching up with something that has yet to be released? Apple OSX has the slickest most polished user interface available today - bar none. I have yet to see much in XGL other than wobbling menus and transparent windows.

Tiger is the slickest?


That's the rusty KDE 3.2. It comes to show you how flexible KDE truly is (as
is GNOME). *smile*

What is also interesting is that user switching on OS X has been the
rotating cube to another user account.  That's been there for over two
years now.  The genie effect and page flipping is there, but I don't see
it as a real need.  I suppose that glitz helps to sell the product.

Exactly. I saw the flipping cube as slide transition mode in a presentation a
colleague gave on an iBook. It was almost 2 years ago. Very impressive, but
offers no gain. I concur with both of you on that one, but if it helps sell
a product (which was the point I earlier made), it cannot be ignored.

This actually does provide an advantage, if it's implemented like it is in the demonstration videos. It gives the activation of desktop switching an obvious physical motion ('grabbing' the cube and rotating it to the desktop you want).

What I wished that Apple had done was to improve the rest of the C
headers like they did when they added the altivec libs and headers.
When I downloaded the Intel compilers for the old IBM, I noticed that
Intel shares or borrows most of the necessary headers from the Gnu
project.  Then Intel added the improved headers in their own include
directory that took care of a few problems.

Best wishes,


"There is nothing I understand." - Shit

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