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Re: Redirecting with 301 lost from Google index?

__/ [ madsgormlarsen@xxxxxxxxx ] on Monday 13 March 2006 20:32 \__

> I have moved my site from at temporary place on
> www.madsgormlarsen.dk/andersen to www.winches.dk . I then did a 301
> redirecting on the old www.madsgormlarsen.dk/andersen. Which works just
> fine. However what happend is that Google removed www.winches.dk from
> there index and keept www.madsgormlarsen.dk/andersen ?
> Now could I solve this with a sitemap ?
> Google writes about it here
> "
> I migrated my website to a new URL.
> ...
> Finally, you may submit a list of your new URLs through the Google
> Sitemaps (Beta) program. Google Sitemaps uses webmaster-generated
> Sitemap files to learn about your webpages and to direct our crawlers
> to new and updated content."
> How does one do that?
> Best regards
> Mads

Hi Hads,

What you need to make available is a type of one-to-one correspondence be-
tween the old pages to the new ones, as opposed to just the main page act-
ing  as a redirection. In practice, this is simplified because you needn't
redirect  each individual page. The sitemap is used as a substitute to the
conventional  ways  of  crawling a site. Rather than following a  path  of
pages, a list is constructed and made public, which contains all addresses
that need to be crawled and indexed.

I  suggest you begin by signing up with Google Sitemaps, assuming you  aim
for  Google  specifically. Doing a redirection in that way alone is  some-
thing  I passionately discourage you from doing. Human visitors may  still
land  in  the  old site and the older pages without arriving at  the  new,
fresher content. This also dilutes the impact of your backlinks. More con-
troversially,  only Google makes use of your XML-formed sitemaps, which is
unfair to the competitions.

Either  way, the technicalities will be contained in Google's manuals  for
sitemaps. You will need to have a list on the old site which onlya contains
the  URL's in the new site. As far as Google is concerned, this should  do
the  trick. Make sure you also redirect all pages, either at page-level or
at server-level.

Best wishes and good luck,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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